Opening: Dr. Steven Jones explains the steps to "Achieving Personal Excellence during Difficult Times.""Who are you?" ExerciseParticipants practice "Examination" as they learn more about themselves.Participants look beyond the surface to increase their awareness of self and others.Everyone enjoyed an evening of learning while having fun.Dr. Edward Pohlert discusses his personal insights from an activity.Participants deep in reflection.The participants engaged in the presentation.Centering exercise.Participants learn how changing their mental state can lead to a change in their physical state.Remaining calm, relaxed and centered, a participant is not affected by outside influences trying to get her off center.Centering exercise.Centering exercise.Centering exercise.Participants commit to achieving excellence by writing a letter to themselves.Participants will receive their "Excellence into Action" commitment letters 30 days after the seminar.Pathways to Excellence DVD was gifted to participants.Aisha Hollins speaks about Dr. Jones' book "Journey to Excellence."Cecil Shelton speaks about his journey to excellence from high school through the present. Closing: Spoken word by Latasha Gillespie
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with author, speaker and CEO Dr. Steven Jones
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