Jeanette Asimos
Jeanette Asimos has spent more than 20 years developing the skills that organizations look for in a dynamic and effective consultant.  Experienced in supporting clients to improve organizational culture and productivity, Ms. Asimos provides training, consulting, organization and product analysis and strategic planning services.  Her background in marketing, project management and sales deepens her knowledge of the systems within which most people work.

Ms. Asimos met the challenges of managing a large and diverse staff during her years as an educator and as a manager in several large corporations.  This enhanced perspective allows her to both empathize with management and urge them to explore innovative approaches to every issue.

Ms. Asimos' specialty is the preparation and delivery of training and education on diversity, cross cultural communication, group dynamics, customer service, goal setting and sales techniques.

A unique focus of her work is on the importance of all types of communication as an internal product of the organization.  The systemic impact of clear, honest communication is undervalued in most organizations.

Some of the clients that Ms. Asimos has partnered with include Toyota, Lexus, ConocoPhillips, Microsoft, and Federal Office of Personnel Management.                                                            

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