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National Expert to present “Success in the 21st Century: Building Cultural Competence through 
Effective Communication Skills” at New Canaan Country School Feb. 11, 2013
Open to the Public

One of the country’s top cultural competency experts, Dr. Steven Jones, will present “Success in the 21st Century: Building Cultural Competence through Effective Communication Skills” at New Canaan Country School Feb. 11 at 6:30 p.m. in the school’s cafeteria, on campus at 545 Ponus Ridge, New Canaan, Conn. This event is free and open to the public.

Dr. Jones will discuss how demographic shifts, advancing technology, generational differences and understanding unconscious bias and innovation play into the new global reality facing students. Dr. Jones will teach parents, teachers and administrators the skills necessary to prepare students for effective communication across differences and share ideas about what can be done at home and in the classroom to prepare students for success in the 21st Century.

Dr. Steven Jones is a speaker, author and national expert on diversity, inclusion and leadership development. He is the CEO of Jones & Associates Consulting, Inc., a diversity and organizational change consulting company based in San Diego, Cali. He is currently completing his second book, Cultural Competency: Leading through New Lenses in the 21st Century. His transformational approach to learning has touched the NAIS board of directors and independent schools across the country including Beauvoir School, Dalton School, Episcopal High School, Marin Country Day School, Sidwell Friends School, Pingry School and Potomac School. In addition to his work in education, Dr. Jones also provides cultural competency consulting to corporations like Honda, Toyota, Qualcomm and CBS. His passion for preparing leaders for a new global reality developed while studying business practices in Chaing Mai, Thailand. While in Chaing Mai, he became the first person of African descent to be ordained as a Buddhist Monk at the 700-year-old Wat Umong monastery.

New Canaan Country School’s Diversity Mission states, “Our students will live in a world more diverse and interdependent than that of any previous generation. At NCCS, we believe that helping students to understand and attain their intellectual, creative, moral and physical potential means, among other things, preparing them for responsible citizenship in such a world. The school is committed to the development of compassionate people who value, accept and respect diversity. Our school community strives to create an inclusive environment in which each member feels comfortable and accepted; an environment in which differences and commonalities are appreciated in equal measure.”

For more information, please contact New Canaan Country School Director of Diversity Paul Mayo at (203) 801-5603 or pmayo@countryschool.net. 

New Canaan Country School is an independent day school serving children from Beginners (Pre-K) through Grade 9.