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Creating a Diverse Leadership Pipeline   
We begin by conducting a workforce analysis so that data informs where diversity is present or needed. Reviewing the systems and process of recruitment, development, and promotion system helps us gain a comprehensive understanding of how to increase inclusion from a systems approach. We then partner with your company’s Organizational Development, Talent Management, or Human Resources function to facilitate a process of identifying and selecting diverse high potential and emerging leaders, conducting a talent review and calibrating succession readiness. We offer the development of a dynamic inclusive leadership development program to prepare leaders into this pipeline.

Strategic Planning and Implementation   
A one, three, or five-‐year plan is essential to moving your organization’s success forward. Our team can work with any combination of leaders to develop a vision, mission, and values, identify goals, clarify roles, identify responsibilities, develop an implementation plan, and crafting a strategic plan for any level of the company or in the department. Through a combination of strategic planning work sessions and follow-‐up coaching, we work with you to ensure that the plan is implemented for success.

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Navigating Culture Change
Diversity and Inclusion Strategy Development & Implementation   
When you’re ready to take your company’s diversity efforts to the next level, it’s time to develop a comprehensive diversity strategy or refresh your current strategy. Our team will conduct a thorough historical culture exploration and analysis in your organization to identify past efforts, strengths, areas of improvement, and opportunities for building an impactful diversity strategy and vision that can achieve both short-‐term objectives and long-‐term positive, organizational outcomes.

Crafting a High Performing Diversity Council   
A high performing diversity council is one of the most effective ways to ensure employees are empowered to champion a diverse workplace. Whether you already have a council in action or are just beginning, our experienced team will help you establish, name, grow, and improve the council’s performance. We work with council chairs, subcommittees, and the larger council as a whole to define roles, assess the effectiveness of members and evaluate performance to be sure that the council is effective in action and not just in name.

Performance Management Systems for the 21st Century   
We conduct an audit of your performance management appraisal system to ensure that the system is truly inclusive of all employees regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, religious views, or physical disability. We will improve the performance management system to focus on culturally competent competencies and action behaviors, as well as continued training and coaching.

At Jones & Associates, we start our consulting process by gaining an in-depth understanding of your organization to select and create the right sustainable solutions. Together we do the work to build a more inclusive, higher functioning organization.

Some of our consulting solutions include: